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Year 6 to 7

The procedures and timeline in Procedures for High School Enrolment, Transition from Year 6 to Year 7, Department of Education and Training are followed for those students seeking enrolment.

Students applying for local-enrolment must meet the 100 point proof of residence criteria.

Parents can check their local school by using the link below.

NSW Public School Finder

Students who cannot enter through local enrolment can apply for entry using the normal High School Enrolment Application Form for Year 7 distributed in primary schools.

Prior to the letters offering enrolment in Year 7 being sent, the relevant Deputy Principal will check on the validity of claims based on residence in the intake area.

Placement Committee

  • Parents may seek to enrol their child in the school of their choice.
  • The  primary criteria for acceptance of  non-local enrolments will include the availability of appropriate staff and permanent classroom accommodation
  • Where the demand for non-local places exceeds availability a placement committee will be implemented to consider and make recommendations on all non-local enrolment applications.
  • A Placement Committee will comprise of the Principal, Deputy Principal, a parent member of the school community nominated by the P & C, School Counsellor and the Year Adviser
  • Only matters presented on the application form or in accompanying documentation will be considered by the committee.  Other submissions cannot be considered
  • Waiting lists are established.  These lists must reflect realistic expectations of potential vacancies.
  • Applicants are informed of the result of their applications.
  • Minutes of committee  meetings will be kept.

The following factors are particularly kept in mind:

  • Commitment to studies (student profile, report comments)
  • Availability of courses
  • Special interests and abilities (eg. leadership, cultural, environmental, sport programs)
  • Attendance at a feeder primary school
  • Proximity and access to the school
  • Siblings already enrolled at the school

Transition Calendar 2018

Please note Wallsend South Public and New Lambton Public transition lessons in Term 3 have changed dates from the previously published version of the calendar.