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We believe a school uniform fosters a cooperative school community where personal presentation, safety and membership are important priorities.

At Lambton High School, we support a corporate uniform approach which allows students to wear any combination of our uniform as they desire throughout the year, however, we do have a formal uniform which must be worn to all presentation assemblies or when representing the school at a function.

The formal uniform is:

Boys - white button through shirt, school shorts, white socks and black leather shoes.

Girls – white button through blouse, school skirt, slacks, white socks and black leather shoes.

Students should wear:

  • shoes which are plain black or white (black preferred). Please note black shoes with white markings or rim around the sole are not uniform. Bright colours such as red, yellow, green etc are NOT acceptable.
  • blacleather shoes with their formal school uniform.


  • Volleys, canvas slip-on shoes, “ballet style”, or open style shoes for your student to wear to school. Regardless of whether they are black, these shoes are NOT permitted to be worn at Lambton High School, as the shoes must have a stout protective upper to meet WH&S requirements.
  • Students are NOT to wear excessive jewellery
  • Hooded jackets are NOT permitted to be worn

Our school uniform is supplied by Daylight

The shop email is:

The online store address is: (Please note there is no ‘www’ at the beginning).

Phone: (02) 46481066

Address: 6-8 Lone Pine Place, Smeaton Grange NSW 2567



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