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Leadership & Welfare

We are committed to providing opportunities for student excellence and to preparing all students to take their place as responsible community members.


At Lambton High School we value student leadership and strive to build this capacity in all of our students. Our Senior Leadership Body and Student Representative Council (SRC) play an essential role in the strategic planning and development of the school.

To be eligible for a leadership  position the student must have an exemplary record of behaviour and attendance, commitment to their studies, and demonstrate values such as integrity, excellence, respect, responsibility, cooperation, participation, care and fairness.

2018 Senior Leadership Body

  • Captains: Sophie Carson and Riordan Davies
  • Vice-Captains: Jasmine Stuart and Charlie Ekin
  • Senior Prefects: Cassandra Reilly and Nicholas Bright
  • Prefects: Isobel Carr,  Sehyeon Choi, Isabelle Cox, Gwen Devoy, Hannah Fennell, Bailey Freebody, Darcy Gay, Lachlan Gibson, Jenna Hall, Thomas Leigh, Hugh Marler, Amy Mason, Holly McDonald, Emily Parkes, Hayden Pearce, Holly Pearson, Jesse Smith, William Stevenson, Rahni Stuart-Crone, Jack Ward, Jiwone Yune

2018 Student Representative Council (SRC):

President - Kate Lintott and Grace Riley

Vice President – Shubham Kansal

Secretary - Josephine Muggleton

Vice Secretary – Dayna Garside

Treasurer - Alexa Stuart

Vice Treasurer – Alexander Griffin

Promotion Officers - Harrison Armstrong, Tom Muggleton, Jada Maloney, Zeke Gentle, Minha Choi, Joshua Griffiths, Sebastion Nunn

Publicity Officers -  Sophie Unwin, Hugh Angus Bright, Rachael Kershaw, Harriet Murphy, Jacob Carson, Dayna Garside, Abby Manning, Swathy Raveendran, Amelia Bland, Shubham Kansal, MacKenzie Price, Oscar Slatter, Taris Eaton

Year 7 – Amelia Accardi, Emily Banks, Sarah Holland, Ryan Robinson
Year 8 – Harrison Armstrong, Tom Muggleton, Emily Sanson, Sophie Tickle, Sophie Unwin, Hugh Angus Bright
Year 9 – Ethan Edwards, Alexander Griffin, Raphael Kannan, Rachael Kershaw, Jada Maloney, Harriet Murphy, Alexa Stuart, Lucy Ulph
Year 10 – Camellia Bate, Jacob Carson, Sarah Cuthel, Emma Dean, Dayna Garside, Natasha Kencana,  Amber Kidd, Flynn Lanz, Abby Manning, Ruarai Morton, Josephine Muggleton, Swathy Raveendran, Lara Murphy, Zeke Gentle, Sasha Virtue, Minha Choi, Declan Bright, Cameron Pearce, Grace Rivkin
Year 11 – Amelia Bland, Amanda Boon, Dewmi de Silva, Nethmi de Alwis, Taris Eaton, Connor Edwards, Joshua Griffiths, Lucy Hanks, Shubham Kansal , Kate Lintott, Sebastion Nunn, Lachlan Price, MacKenzie Price, Maddison Rich, Grace Riley, Oscar Slatter, Livia Tsioulis, Sarah Wells, Ivy-Rose Laidler


  • Minister’s Award for Excellence in Student Achievement
  • NSW Youth Parliament
  • Premier’s Volunteering
  • DoE Service Learning


Lambton High School staff promote positive student-teacher relationships that create a nurturing environment in which the welfare of students is paramount.

Our staff pride themselves on fostering a positive and productive atmosphere that  is backed up by a strong student welfare structure to ensure students are provided with a supportive learning environment.


  • Peer Support
  • Peer Mediation
  • Rock and Water
  • Reaching Individual Potential
  • Boys and Girls Education strategies
  • Camps
  • Crossroads Program

‘We prepare students for the future by encouraging them to be flexible, adaptive and responsive to the changing world’