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We boast a modern refurbished self-service canteen to provide quality healthy food to our students. The Canteen Committee, a sub-committee of the P & C Association, manages a highly successful health canteen.

The policy is to provide nutritious food at a reasonable cost.  All profits are devoted to the welfare of the students of the school.  The fact that our Canteen is able to assist the school substantially reflects both good management and the generous assistance of parents’ voluntary labour.

We would like to extend a welcome for parents to become a volunteer in the school canteen.

Volunteers are always needed and valued in any school and Lambton High School is no exception. If you can give one day a month, half a day or just a couple of hours it would be of tremendous assistance and very much appreciated.


The canteen is self-service. Students are to wait in the designated area until admitted by the staff on duty.

  • Place all purchases in the baskets provided and proceed to the cash register.
  • Students must line up in the designated area
  • Students must purchase only their own food.
  • No pushing in – offenders will be refused service.
  • Lunch orders must be made at designated window before commencement of School.
  • There is to be no loitering in the vicinity of the canteen.
  • Students requiring food, drink etc., for class activities are required to produce a note from their teacher.