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Year 9 & 10 Parent-Teacher

How to access Parent-Teacher bookings on Moodle


1. Have your student log in to Moodle using their own Moodle login.

2. Locate the “Click here for Parent Teacher Interviews YEARS 9 & 10 – Monday 28th July, 2014” link located in the middle panel of the screen below the school logo.

3. A page titled “Parent Teacher Interviews” should be visible, scroll down to the bottom of the page, click enrol.

4. You should now have access to the page to secure your choices for interviews.

5. Follow the instructions at the top of the page. Remember to save when placing a booking, the button is at the bottom of each specific teachers booking list.

6. Unavailable booking times (already booked) will not be visible.

7. If a mistake is made a “Drop appointment” button will appear at the bottom of a teachers booking list.