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Year 7 (2016) Parent Meeting

Invitation to a Parent Meeting for Year 7 2016

On behalf of the staff and students at LambtonHigh School I would like to invite you to attend a parent meeting at our school to receive important information to support your student’s transition to high school.

  • Date:                Tuesday 17  March 2015
  • Time:                6 to 7 pm
  • Location:          Lambton High School Tiered Learning Theatre

 Our aim is to provide valuable information about the transition program, to discuss with you aspects of high school life and provide details of the Year 7 curriculum.

At this meeting we will highlight the many successful school based programs conducted at LambtonHigh School in welfare, learning support, environmental education, student leadership, gifted and talented education, in sport and in the creative and performing arts. At LambtonHigh School we believe in encouraging all students to take every opportunity to improve and widen their educational experience.

Another important component of the session will be to highlight the outstanding academic achievement of students at this school when compared against regional and state performances in NAPLAN and the Higher School Certificate. We are proud of our academic achievements and would like to share with you the growth in our academic performances.

The transition from primary school to high school is a critical component to a student’s success at school.

When making your decisions about your student’s education it is important to base these decisions on sound educational evidence.

At Lambton High School we continue to be a proudly comprehensive high school committed to improving outcomes for all students and the professional development of staff to facilitate quality teaching and learning.

 We look forward to meeting with you on this evening.