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11 & 12 Parent Teacher Interviews

Parents and carers of students in Years 11 and 12 are invited to Lambton High School to discuss their student’s learning at the Parent-Teacher evening.

Once the Portal is open, then follow the instructions to book parent interviews via the parent portal

  1. Ensure you have registered your account in the portal using the activation key for your student
  2. When you log in to your portal, you will see many active links that will allow you to keep up to date with what’s on at LHS.
  3. Parent teacher interviews for years 11 and 12 will become visible and accessible
  4. Once you hover over the green interview link, the current interview setup title will appear, select it. There are instructions to follow on this screen.
  5. You are now are in the booking section, scroll down to see the subjects your student is enrolled in.
  6. On the right you will see a button that when clicked will display available time slots for your students teacher.
  7. Once all selected, ensure you click on confirm appointments button at the bottom.
    Confirmation emails regarding your appointments will be sent to the email address you used to set up your parent portal.