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Trial HSC

The Trial HSC is scheduled Term 3 weeks 1 and 2 (17-30 July 2013).

2013 Trial HSC Timetable

 All morning examinations will commence reading time at 8.50am. Students are required to be at school and seated in the designated room 10 minutes prior to this time.

 Students are required to write their Board of Studies number on their writing booklets (not name). This will ensure student anonymity when the papers are being marked and comply with HSC guidelines.

To support our students, we have introduced a Stuvac day on Tuesday 16 July 2013. This means students will be free of normal classwork and permitted to spend the time revising material in preparation for the Trial examinations.

 Teachers will be available in their normal timetabled period to assist the students for the examinations.

 Monday 15 July 2013: English- Period 5

Tuesday 16 July 2013:  Period 1- Line E, Period 2- Line C, Period 3- Line F, Period 4- Line D, Period 5- Line B

 If your student is absent on the day of a Trial HSC task due to illness or misadventure, it is the responsibility of the student or parent to contact Mr Riley on each day of absence. Alternative arrangements will be made for the task to be rescheduled within the Trial examination period. Relevant documentation (e.g. current doctor’s certificate, statutory declaration, other) covering all days of the absence must be submitted. According to policy, a zero mark will be initially given and the student has a right to appeal. An illness-Misadventure appeal must be submitted within five school days of the task. Late appeals may be considered but only in the event of exceptional circumstances.

We wish your student every success in the Trial HSC examinations.