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Trial HSC Timetable 2015



  1. must be prompt to the examination. Students should assemble outside the hall or other designated venue (minimum 15 minutes prior to the commencement the examination).
  2. are required to fill in an attendance slip for every examination.  The slips will be collected and forwarded to the Deputy Principal.
  3. are not permitted to leave the venue before the end of the examination.
  4. must not talk once they have entered the examination venue.
  5. will be directed where to sit.  Subject groups will sit together.
  6. must remove their watch and place it in clear view on the examination desk.
  7. must not write, use any equipment including highlighters, or annotate examination paper in any way during reading time.
  8. may consult their dictionary during reading time (for examinations where dictionaries are permitted)
  9. must read the instructions on the examination paper carefully as well as all questions.
  10. write clearly, preferably with black pen.
  11. write answers in the correct answer booklets.
  12. must follow the supervisors instructions at all times
  13. must behave in a polite and courteous manner towards the supervisors and other students.
  14. must make a serious attempt at the examination
  15. will be dismissed by the supervising teacher.

HSC Equipment Checklist for Examinations

Students may only take equipment listed below into the examination room:

-          black pens (blue is also acceptable but black is easier for markers to read)

-          pencils, erasers, sharpener (use pencils where specifically directed)

-          a ruler marked in millimetres and centimetres

-          highlighter pen

-          Specific course equipment approved by the NSW Board of Studies

Specific course equipment can be found at http://studentsonline.bos.nsw.edu.au/go/exams/Exam_equipment/

Students are not permitted to borrow equipment during examinations.

Students may only use scientific calculators that appear on the Board’s list of approved scientific calculators. The list of approved scientific calculators, can be found at http://www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/hsc_exams/calculators.html

Students are permitted to take dictionaries into certain Language examinations. However, they must be monolingual and/or bilingual print dictionaries relating to the language being examined. Dictionaries cannot be annotated or highlighted in any way, including using stickers to mark a particular place. Electronic dictionaries are not permitted.

Mobile phones and electronic devices such as organisers, MP3 players and dictionaries, are not permitted in an examination room under any circumstances.