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It is helpful when parents are contacting the school to know who the best person to talk to is.

Some guidance is given below:

1. On behaviour 

  • Faculty Head Teacher
  • Head Teacher Wellbeing
  • Deputy Principal

2. On Progress

  • Individual Class Teacher
  • Faculty Head Teacher
  • Student Year Adviser

3. On Wellbeing Matters

  • Year Adviser
  • Head Teacher Wellbeing
  • School Counsellor
  • Deputy Principal

Always ring the school to organise a mutually convenient time if you wish an interview with one of the teaching or executive staff.  Please do not arrive at school unexpectedly and expect immediate access to a staff member.


  • Lambton Short Takes e-newsletter. Please ensure that you have provided your email address to the school.
  • Lambton Leader monthly news bulletin, normally issued on the Monday before the monthly P & C meeting.
  • Assessment and Reporting – usually mid-year and end of year.
  • Classroom Teachers:  When necessary teachers make phone or written contact with parents.  Often information is issued for students to take home.


  • Parent-Teacher evenings are held during the year
    • Years 11 &12: Mid Term 2
    • Years 7 & 10: Late Term 2
    • Years 8 & 9: Early Term 3
  • Parents will be informed of dates at the appropriate times.